Delaware Phone Number Lookup

Delaware Area Codes and Their Locations

Delaware only has one area code: 302. An area code indicates the region where a phone subscriber lives or used to live. With one area code available, it is easy to identify local Delaware callers by their area code in their phone numbers. Knowing Delaware’s area code can also help residents foil phone scams from out-of-state fraudsters. Residents can combine this knowledge with reverse phone lookup services to identify unknown callers.

302 - Location

Who Controls Delaware’s Area Codes?

The 1996 Telecommunication Act gave the FCC exclusive jurisdiction over phone numbering plans in the states. From this authority, the FCC created the NANPA (North American Numbering Plan Administrator). The NANPA is tasked with generating new area codes. At the state level, the duty of implementing, regulating, and conserving these area codes lies with the Delaware Service Commission (PSC). The PSC is also responsible for notifying residents of new area codes generated.

Where is Area Code 302?

All the cities, towns, and counties in Delaware are covered by area code 302. These include New Castle County, Sussex County, and Kent County. Some larger cities and towns covered are Wilmington, Bear, Brookside, Dover, Edgemoor, Ellesmere, Georgetown, Glasgow, Hockessin, Middletown, New Castle, Newark, North Star, Pike Creek, Seaford, and Smyrna cities.